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LR5 carbon saddle

LR5 carbon saddle


Very lighter and narrowerFull carbon saddle.


If you've been looking for a saddle that will give you hours of riding pleasure, then you might have found exactly what you're looking for here.


Skin irritations, chafing and pressure points are a thing of the past. See the “General” section.


We have revised and improved the design of the LR3 saddle.


  • light and narrow full carbon saddle
  • only 105 g*
  • Width 123mm
  • simple in 3K matt carbon look with modern and subtle black glossy decor
  • a very popular saddle for long distance riders and sporty positions


* Weight information based on our own measurements and with a weight difference of up to 5g due to manufacturing fluctuations.

Approximately 90% of our customers are 100% thrilled and happy to have finally found the right saddle.


Don't worry about the "hardness". At school we all sat on a hard wooden chair for many hours and there was no pain in our butts.


These are the basic and proven recommendations:

  • The longer the bike tour, the harder the saddle and the greater the camber, the narrower the saddle should be.
  • Our carbon saddle is hard and narrow and therefore ideal for all competitive athletes.
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