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January 19, 2024

Video of a customer's first impressions in the USA

It is precisely this feedback and joy from a customer that we enjoy most about our online shop.

It is important to us to tell you that our handlebars were checked and certified in Germany by the Zedler Institute. In addition, the cross-wing handlebars are produced by a manufacturer that also produces other carbon handlebars from well-known brands. There is hardly any difference in manufacturing costs; other manufacturers try to maximize their profits with higher prices.

We just don't want to be portrayed as a "cheap product" because at minute 6:15 the cheap price is discussed.

January 16, 2024

We were discovered

You won't believe it, but the German magazines TOUR, ROADBIKE and RENNRAD have so far had no interest in testing and/or presenting our cross-wing handlebars. We asked several times.

Now that we have been publishing this website in English for two weeks, global interest is gaining momentum. Today we were featured in one of the most popular road bike news sites.


At (here the link to the blog).

We are very pleased about this - not because we sell more handlebars because of it, but rather other manufacturers should recognize the advantages of narrow and double inwardly angled handlebars (viewed from above and from the front) and offer corresponding aero handlebars.

The cross-wing handlebar (link) was developed from racing cyclists for racing cyclists and the companies probably lack the knowledge of the need and the willingness to take risks to develop such a handlebar.

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January 10, 2024

The new UCI regulation on twisted brake levers

The brake handles have been turned inwards for several years. Why you do this and what advantages it has is here (link).

The UCI has announced that it will limit this twist for UCI races in 2024. The reason is the safety of cyclists as handlebars are said to have broken because of this.

Brake handles that are strongly twisted inwards are therefore prohibited in licensed races. However, moderately inwardly turned brake levers are UCI legal. Here is the expected device for checking the angle of the handles.

As you can see, an 10° angle is still possible. In addition, the Cross-Wing handlebar is designed for brake handles that are turned inwards, so that an even larger angle of rotation can be achieved (the green part already has a small angle inwards).

There is no detailed information yet. We will keep you up to date.

X-Wing 40cm (5).JPG
UCI Brake lever check tool_edited.jpg

January 9, 2024

The website with the details and background information about the Cross-Wing Aero handlebars is ready.

AVENGER Typhoon PRO (50cm with 55-55 LRS) (28).jpg

The best comment from a customer:
"Perfect - I've been looking for this for years."

Gallery - Click to view

January 2, 2024

Our new website is online

Our website and online shop became too confusing due to the many accessories. We also try to present background information about our products for those interested. With the wheels, tires, cassettes, brake discs, frames, complete wheels and other accessories it became too much. That's why we moved the handlebars, saddles, bottle cages and smaller accessories here. We hope you have fun “clicking through”.

Of course there are still a few open construction sites.

We will work through these in the coming days.

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LAMBDA X-Wing Aero Carbon Handlebar (31).jpg

Oct 28, 2022

Successful at the UCI Gravel World Championships

At the beginning of October 2022, our daughter became runner-up world champion in her age group (19-34) at the 2022 Gravel World Championships in Italy.

The cross-wing handlebars could not only be found on Finja's bike, but also on some other gravel racing bikes.

Ambitious gravel racers have been looking for narrow handlebars for a long time. In our opinion, the manufacturers have concentrated too much on the wide versions. Narrower handlebars are also useful off-road, comfortable and fun.

In addition, the Cross-Wing is one of a few aero handlebars that are also certified and approved for off-road use.

2022 Finja Smekal - Vice World Champion Gravel (1).jpg
AVENGER Typhoon PRO in gravel setup (1).jpg
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