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New trend - "short nose saddles"

The current trend in aero and gravel racing bikes as well as time trial bikes is a slightly forward seating position. This has the advantage that the hip angle increases. In triathlons, this makes the subsequent running easier or you can translate this into a better aerodynamic position.


Many athletes sit on the tip of the saddle at higher wattages and can no longer be supported laterally (the hips tilt) or they have sitting problems. That's why saddles with a shortened nose are very useful and advantageous.


These types of saddles are very often recommended by bike fitters as they provide stability and comfort in an aerodynamic and biomechanically optimized position. A higher position often results in improved power transmission, while at the same time maintaining an aerodynamically optimized posture and comfort.

AVENGER Typhoon PRO (50cm with 55-55 LRS) (55).jpg

Are carbon saddles hard?

Approximately 90% of our customers are 100% thrilled and happy to have finally found the right saddle. Most customers drive with significantly less discomfort.

That's what happened to us too. The carbon surface is hard, but the discomfort caused by prolonged driving is significantly reduced.

And at school we sat on a hard wooden chair for many hours. And we didn't have any pain in our "butts" there either.

Customer feedback:

“The carbon saddle has no padding or cushioning elements. Surprisingly, this saddle leaves no comfort to be desired. I sit directly on carbon without feeling any unpleasant pressure. Even on trips lasting several hours. Overall, this saddle is a dream and I'm glad I found it.An insider tip!


Also worth highlighting is the unrivaled weight of just 100 grams. Sometimes less is more!”

LAMBDA LR5 Carbon Sattel (18).jpg
ShortNose CC (Comfort Carbon) Sattel (30).jpg

Light, elegant and comfortable

These are the basic and proven recommendations:

  1. The longer the bike ride, the harder the saddle will be.

  2. The greater the elevation, the narrower the saddle should be.

  3. Our carbon saddle is hard and narrow and therefore ideal for all competitive athletes.

  4. If you like to slide forward on the saddle at higher wattages, you should use a saddle with a short nose.

  5. The saddle width is only relevant for flat saddles. With curved saddles (e.g. LR5 saddle) you sit where you feel comfortable.

  6. The saddle makes it easy to save weight without making any compromises.

Our saddles

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