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Aero armrests for time trial handlebars

Aero armrests for time trial handlebars


Not available for USA and Canada

The Aero arm cups are a very special upgrade for your time trial handlebars.


Our time trial handlebars (from the K2 Disc and the TM5) have a hole spacing (in the direction of travel) of25mm. We also offer aero armrests for other time trial handlebars15mm, 20mm and 30mm hole spacing (in the direction of travel).


The aero armrests canindividually according to the diameter of your forearms be ordered. This enables a firm and secure hold. That hastwo big advantages:


  • The aero arm shells allow for effectivemore aerodynamic position. The arms are held closer together without any muscle strength of their own. This is very pleasant and tiring-free. Aero measurements with narrow forearms show a reduction of 15-25 watts at 45 km/h.
  • The additional firm holder for the forearms allows the time trial bike to be held in placeeasier to control and noticeably less susceptible to wind.


Please select the aero arm shells from the different sizes (see under “Sizes”).


Furthermore, the aero arm shells can be made with different angles.


IMPORTANT: That's theAngle between the forearm rest and the mounting plate,not the one between the horizontal and the forearm rest.


For theStandard K2, TM6 and TM5 time trial bars you need that3° angle. A larger angle is only required if you use other extensions/booms with more elevation at the end.


Notice: To comply with the UCI rules, the aero arm shell must not be angled more than 30° and the height difference (middle of the aero arm shell to the highest point of the extensions) must not exceed 10cm to 14cm (depending on body size). The maximum length and width of the aero arm shells of 12.5cm is adhered to.


The armrests are delivered with an 8mm thick neoprene padding. 


The holes for mounting only fitM5 (5mm) screws. If your original armrests have M6 screws, then please choose the M6 screws. M6 screws are also included.



OneRecommendation to optimize aerodynamics areAngle spacer, which angle the extensions and the aero arm shells by 10° or 15°. This changes your “shape” (Cd value) and with this optimized anerodynamic position you can reduce the air resistance by at least 10-20 watts.


IMPORTANT: Only suitable for our TM5 time trial handlebar or the AVENGER K2 Disc or TM6 time trial bike. The angled spacers are throughCycling Ibert made from Nuremberg. These have oneHole spacing of 25mm.


The shape of the spacers reduces or increases the arm distance, which can positively change the arm position.  The 10° adapter increases the end of the extensions by approx.6-7cm, the 15° adapteranother approx. 3cm. The material is aluminum 7075 (black anodized).


The price for a pair including stainless steel screws is 89 euros. Please write an email about this.

 Technical data:

  • Length: 12.0cm
  • Width: up to 10cm (approx. 32cm arm circumference)
  • Variation width: approx. 15mm
  • Hole spacing 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm forM5 screws
  • Including four M5 screws made of stainless steel with a length of 20mm
  • Weight: approx. 150g (30g more than the standard armrests)
  • Production: 3D printing process with ASA plastic in black
  • The maximum permitted rider weight (rider, clothing, helmet) is 90 kg
  • Do not ride when the air temperature is below -5°C and not above 40°C
  • The maximum permissible screw torque is 2 Nm


The aero arm shells are only to be used on standard time trial or track bikes on roads (tarred)/velodromes.


The armrests consist ofplasticand do not have the same durability as aluminum or carbon arm shells. However, this is the only way individual production is possible. Damaged armrests can break off and lead to an accident.


Link to download the assembly instructions (link).

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