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Carbon bottle cage

Carbon bottle cage



Drinking bottle cages are also a tuning option to make your racing bike lighter without having to compromise.


As a rule, a standard bottle cage weighs around 35-40g. In addition, a delicate carbon bottle cage also looks elegant.


  • Lightweight full carbon bottle cage
  • Weight 15g
  • for standard 74mm drinking bottles up to 1000ml
  • in matt black with glossy black logo
  • Includes two M5 stainless steel screws
  • Price per piece


The additional 800ml bottles offered match the color of the bottle holders and most bikes. The bottles are from Zefal (type Sense Grip). The bottle weighs 70g and, in our experience, is one of the best-sealing bottles. It costs 5 euros.

Please always use a locking varnish for the bottle holder screws.


The weight of the drinking bottle and its contents is very high and the small screws can easily come loose.


Frequently used drinking bottles should be replaced every 12 months. 

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