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ComErgo carbon saddle

ComErgo carbon saddle

109,00 €Price

Our carbon saddle withLeather coverandlight padding.


  • padded full carbon saddle
  • only 140 g*
  • Width 145mm
  • identical in shape to the LR4 carbon saddle
  • with leather cover and light upholstery
  • a very popular light comfort saddle for long tours


* Weight information based on our own measurements and with a weight difference of up to 5g due to manufacturing fluctuations.

Approximately 90% of our customers are 100% thrilled and happy to have finally found the right saddle.

Don't worry about the "hardness". At school we all sat on a hard wooden chair for many hours and there was no pain in our butts.


These are the basic and proven recommendations:

  • The longer the bike tour, the harder the saddle and the greater the camber, the narrower the saddle should be.
  • Our carbon saddle is hard and narrow and therefore ideal for all competitive athletes.
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