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Bike computer holder for stem mounting

Bike computer holder for stem mounting


The GPS computer holder enables an elegant Mounted on the stem instead of clamping on the handlebars.


Available forGARMIN, Sigmaor WAHOOComputer.


On the aero handlebars there is sometimes not enough space next to the stem to mount the clamp bracket. That's why we offer a special bracket that can be screwed to the front of the stem.


The black aluminum bracketlooks noble, the computer can betake a good look and isprotected. By mounting it directly in front of the stem, the device sits lower and exactly at the angle of the stem, which looks and looks very goodaerodynamic advantages has.

At the same time, an action camera (e.g. GoPro, GARMIN) or bike lamp (e.g.Cat Eye GVolt 70.1) must be mounted under the bracket.


The weight is under 30g, which is less than the weight of the original GARMIN handlebar mount.


The bike computer and the lamp serve as an example only and are not included. The plastic adapter can also be purchased individually for 5 euros. This means that when you change your bike computer, only the adapter needs to be replaced.


The bike computer mount can also be used without the GoPro adapter. The GARMIN/SIGMA version comes with two small nuts for this.

  • Weight approx. 26g
  • Black anodized aluminum with plastic adapter
  • Compatible with four screw stems up to 36mm spacing
  • Screw size  M5
  • Length 78mm
  • Compatible with GARMIN, SIGMA and WAHOO cycling computers
  • With holder for action camera (e.g. GoPro, GARMIN) or bike lights
  • Note: The GARMIN and SIGMA mounts are identical.
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