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Short Nose Comfort Carbon Saddle

Short Nose Comfort Carbon Saddle


New development - only approx. 125g


The saddle is the further development of the popular ShortNose saddle with stronger padding.bIn this saddle with a short nose we have particularly focused on the combination ofLightweight construction,Comfort andergonomics concentrated. This means that the saddle is optimally tailored to racing and training.


TheShort Nose Comfort Carbon (CC) saddle is characterized by its small distance between the clamp and the tip of the saddle. This reduces your hip angle and yourPower transmission will be improved.


The wide seating area also guaranteesstability and the short and narrow nose allows for aaerodynamic seating position without friction on the thighs. This will allow you to maintain an aggressive riding position for longer periods of time.


The EVA padding is medium-hard, is designed for long periods of use and is particularly comfortable in a low position such as during a time trial or on the cycling track.


  • padded full carbon saddle
  • pointed at the front, wide at the back
  • Weight: 125g
  • Width: 140mm
  • Length: 235mm
  • Unisex saddle  - very popular with women
  • Full carbon recommendation for longer tours



* Weight information based on our own measurements and with a weight difference of up to 5g due to manufacturing fluctuations.

The saddle is made entirely of carbon. The leather is faux leather with a thickened EVAC foam as padding. The EVAC foam has high cushioning performance and good aging resistance (often used for knee cushions).


Here is some feedback from a customer about the saddle:
"Yesterday we went on a longer ride, no problems and the reason for buying it was also confirmed. No more pain in the lower left back area! That was the reason to try out a completely different saddle model because I always had problems with it. Absolutely no problems yesterday."

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