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TM5 time trial handlebars

TM5 time trial handlebars

PriceFrom €369.00

Not available for USA and Canada


We offer you for yours Time trial or track bikes the same time trial handlebars as for our AVENGER  K2 Disc or TM6.


This full carbon time trial handlebar can be attached to oneStandard or Aero stem with a 31.8mm clamp diameter.


The twoCarbon boom can be moved in length and possibly shortened by sawing off (front or back). These have a 22.2mm clamping diameter, which can also be used to mount other booms.


TheForearm rests can be adjusted in four heights (0mm, 10mm, 20mm and 30mm). For larger heights (40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 70mm) additional spacers with the appropriate screws can be purchased from us (two spacers with four screws each, 20 euros each).


TheForearm supportscan be moved a total of 40mm across and 13mm lengthways.


Additionally, individually manufactured aero arm shells can be purchased. These cost 90 euros.

The holder for GARMIN bike computers costs 12 euros.


  • The aero arm shells allow for effectivemore aerodynamic position. The arms are held closer together without any muscle strength of their own. This is very pleasant and tiring-free. Aero measurements with narrow forearms show a reduction of 15-25 watts at 45 km/h.
  • The additional firm holder for the forearms allows the time trial bike to be held in placeeasier to control and noticeably less susceptible to wind.


The aero stem shown is just an example.

To theto reduce resistance even further We offer a carbon fiber specially developed for this handlebarAero stem at.

You can also find this aero stem in the webshop (link).

Resistance reduction due to aero design:

According to a resistance measurement by TOUR magazine, the gain with an aero handlebar is up to 20 watts. The reason is that a round tube has a much higher resistance than a flat tube. A teardrop-shaped tube reduces the resistance value (Cw value) by over90% compared to a round pipe!

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